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  • Q. Why am I being contacted about a product/price/quantity change or cancellation for my order?

    A: While Precise Technology does its best to maintain the most accurate information on the website, there may be isolated incidents in which our pricing and data may be flawed for certain products. Inaccuracies in pricing and data can be caused by database/technical errors or in some rare cases, human error.

    We reserve the right to adjust an order as we deem necessary for operations. All orders placed with Precise Technology, at any given time, are subject to product/price/availability adjustments and customers will be informed of any changes prior to completing their order for confirmation. We also reserve the right to cancel your order at any given time should we not be able to fulfill a customer’s order and notification will be sent accordingly with all reasons stated.

  • Q. Why didn't the product I received match its product image?

    A: Please be advised that the product images on our website are displayed to give you a general resemblance of the products we offer. There may be times when the product you receive may not be an exact match of the image displayed for the specific product you ordered.